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January Hall of Fame



January 2015


Dixon High School is proud to release the names of the students who have been selected to the January Hall of Fame.  Students are selected monthly from various departments because they displayed one or more of the following characteristics:  1) consistent hard work and effort, 2) outstanding attitude toward the subject, 3) leadership, and/or 4) class participation. Congratulations to the following students for being selected by their teachers this month for the Student Hall of Fame:


ART                                                         Devin Vaughn 

BUSINESS                                              Rachel Fellows

ENGLISH                                                 Lucas Bonnette

FAMILY RESOURCES                             Emily Quaco      

FOREIGN LANGUAGE                           Brady Sibley

INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION                     Elijah McGlown

DRIVERS EDUCATION                           Darius McGlown  

MATH                                                     Sarah Stegbauer

MUSIC                                                    Miles Glenn                                      

PHYSICAL EDUCATION                        Abrianna Montgomery

SCIENCE                                               Justin Sherman

HEALTH                                                 Blain Masterson

SOCIAL STUDIES                                   Ray Price


From the above named students, one male and one female are selected as an Elks Teen of the Month.   The January Elks Teens of the Month are Sarah Stegbauer and Justin Sherman.