ICTM Competition

Dixon High School had 5 individuals that competed at the state level in various events for the ICTM  Contest.  The participants are as follows:

Calculator Team - Molly Fane (Freshman), Kayla McGuire (Sophomore), Kurt Gale (Junior), Scott Goad (Senior), and Kevin Heath (Senior)

Individual competition (Subject area)
Molly Fane (Freshman - Algebra 1)   
Kevin Heath (Senior - PreCalculus)   

Calculator team - 10th
Molly Fane (Algebra) - 36th
Kevin Heath (PreCalculus) - 42nd

There were more that 120 participants in the individual competitions (Algebra 1 and PreCalculus).

Spring Awards Concert

Pictured are the award winners from the Dixon High Spring Awards Concert held on May 20, 2012. Students receiving awards were: Ellie Drezen - John Philip Sousa Award, Michael Rivera - Louis Armstrong Jazz Award and $400 Robert L. L'Heureux Scholarship, Scott Heath - Outstanding Marching Sophomore, Alicia Brown - Outstanding Marching Senior Bandswoman, Ian South - Oustanding Freshman Musician, Austin Dillon - Outstanding Marching Senior Bandsman, Joey Hammitt - Outstanding Junior Musician, Thomas Clemens - Outstanding Marching Junior, Tom Whitcombe - Outstanding Sophomore Musician and Joel Spangler - Outstanding Marching Freshman.

Senior Pictures

Dear DHS Senior and Parents,
Congratulations, you have made it to your senior year! The yearbook staff is already planning for the upcoming year. We have, once again, chosen PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTS as our official portrait studio. In order to meet yearbook deadlines, senior portraits are taken during the summer. We ask for your cooperation in this project.  Yearbook photos will be taken at Dixon High School in the teacher’s work room on July 10th & 11th.  If your assigned portrait time does not work for you, or you are unsure of what your assigned time is, please call Photographic Arts at 800-501-2787. You are not required to purchase these portraits, however, only portraits taken by Photographic Arts will be used in the yearbook. This session is free! You will be given the opportunity to choose instantly from the viewing screen or you may opt to receive online and hard copy proofs (yours to keep) for just $15. This proof fee can be applied towards an order. Optional yearbook retouching is available for only $10. If you choose not to view your previews, Photographic Arts will make a selection for you.Call 309-944-5070 or 800-501-2787 or visit www.photographicartsonline.com

Dual Enrollment

Dixon High School/SVCC Dual Credit Program


 Dual Credit Opportunities

1. Courses offered on DHS campus:


Biology II (pre-requisite of B or better in Chem and Bio) 4 SVCC credit hours
Eng 101/103 (pre-requisite of ACT writing/reading score of 20 or higher SVCC placement test) 2 semesters 6 SVCC credit hours
PSY 103/ SPE 131 (ACT reading score of 20 or higher or SVCC placement test)6  SVCC credit hours
Welding (Junior/Senior course) 3 SVCC credit hours

2. Dual Credit course options offered on the SVCC campus:




Students have the option of having an early release and taking classes on the SVCC Campus.



How to register for a dual enrollment class


1. Students need to pick up a dual enrollment form from the high school counselor.
2. The Dual enrollment form must be signed by a DHS Counselor, parent and SVCC representative.
3. Each student must fill out a Sauk Student Information Sheet. Form can be picked up in the G.O. or online at www.svcc.edu
3. Make an appointment at SVCC with the Coordinator of High Schools Relations 288-5511 ext. 1266. Bring a high school transcript, ACT scores. You must have a score of 20 or higher in reading on your ACT or you will have to take the SVCC placement test.



How to Earn Credits


  1. 1. 3 SVCC credits = .5 DHS credit



Tuition and Expenses


1. Dual enrollment student pays ½ tuition to SVCC
2. $49.50 per 1 SVCC credit hour
3. Most classes are 3 SVCC credit hours = $148.50
4. Lab Fees for Science/Eng courses $15-$20
5. Students are required to buy textbooks $50-$150 (Books can be purchased at SVCC bookstore)



Withdrawal from class procedure


1. Students must comply with both the DHS and the SVCC withdrawal procedures and deadlines to receive a refund and a passing withdrawal grade.

2. Students withdrawing from a SVCC will not receive any credit for the course. Withdrawing from or failing a Dual Enrollment class may negatively impact your ability to get financial aid.





* Note: Dual Credits are only guaranteed to transfer to SVCC. Please check with your college of choice to find out if they will accept the dual credits. Some University will not accept Dual Enrollment if it fulfilled a High School graduation requirement.